For Sale

If you have a Heron boat or part for sale please send an MS Word file containing pictures, description and contact details to   Please also advise us through this address when your boat or part is sold.

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Heron main.  Immaculate, used 4 times since new.  $700  Located SA   Ph 0423 305 176
8543 8050 Original timber boats on double decker trailer Edwardstown SA $1100

10273 Mk2 GRP 
Dinghy Sports hull.  White with some art work.  Alloy spars, 1 set sails.  Beach trolley.  Very good race record.  Located Victoria.  Ph Wayne 0423 305 176  $8500
Double Heron trailer unregistered Sydney $750 Paul 04286841

10231 Snail Pace Sold
5193 Timber Sold
10185 This Is The Life Sold
6142 Timber Given away
10205 Two Goats In A Boat Sold
10215 Splash ‘n Dash Sold
10232 Flaw Show Sold
10259 On and On Sold
10186 Blutack Sold
8058 Gail Ann Sold
6541 The Saucy Walnut Sold
10101 Abracadabra Sold
7680 Originally Sandra Sold
Aurora Too (Timber, sailed once) Sold
9429 Stargazer Sold
Heron jib Sold
9957 Appauled Timber Sold
10210 Yoda (Timber) Sold
9942 (Mk 1 GRP all glass) Sold
5482 (Timber, unfinished project) Sold
6606 Tiddly Pips  Sold
New timber hull Lara Vic   Sold
9188 Cavalier Sold
10218 Passing Wind Sold
8916 Sold
9620 Green Apple Splatters Sold
8292 Enigma Sold
Vector jibs x 2 Sold
Heron beach jinker/trolley – gone to a good home
10106  Smooth Operator Sold
Bearers – gone to a good home
No number Yaminon (Timber, Adelaide SA) Sold
10219 Piping Hot (Timber, Adelaide SA) Sold
10286 (Fibreglass, Sydney) Sold
Project Heron (Timber, Birkenhead SA) Sold
8537 Parts – gone to a good home
9192 Ex Patrick Owen  Sold
9541 Heron After  Sold
Centreboards x 2 Sold